Beaverton Employee Spotlight: Erica Atkinson

Beaverton Employee Spotlight: Erica Atkinson

Employee Spotlight

Beaverton Employee Spotlight: Erica Atkinson

Jul 24, 2017

Erica Atkinson-Nail Technician

I’ve worked for VillaSport since before the club opened.  I am a nail tech in the Spa.  I enjoy being silly with friends, going on random adventures, catching a happy hour on a patio, or anything sports and active.

What’s your favorite Instagram account to follow? 
All of the beautiful celebrities because then I feel like they’re my friends.

If you could eat any food with no consequences what would it be?
Peanut butter ice cream

What’s your favorite workout?
I would much rather get down and dirty playing basketball or volleyball to distract me with fun.  When I am at the gym I like to use the stair master or the elliptical.  

What do you love about VillaSport?
It’s such a positive place where people choose to be.  I like being surrounded by that.

What’s your favorite app and why?
Besides social media it’s Candy Crush for sure.  Currently I am on level 2252!

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I can be very girly and glam sometimes but I can also have a tomboy like side that’s very athletic .  

If you’re mindlessly watching TV/Netflix’s what’s your go to show?

I love Forensic Files, Bachelor and Bachelorette, Friends, and Gossip Girl.  Give me a good show with multiple seasons that I can binge watch and I’m set! 

What’s your dream vacation?

I think I would like to see a couple European places.  The food, buildings, romance, accents-you just can’t go wrong!

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