Employee Spotlight: Ynske Joppe

Employee Spotlight: Ynske Joppe

Ynske Joppe - VillaSport Cypress Pilates teacher

Employee Spotlight: Ynske Joppe

Jun 04, 2019

The next employee in our spotlight series is a Pilates and yoga instructor in Cypress. If you have any interest in mind and body classes, you want to meet Ynske Joppe. We recently had the chance to talk with her about her career and learn more about her.


A little bit about you

I grew up in the Netherlands. When my husband got transferred to the U.S. in 2002, we didn’t know we were going to stay abroad this long. Except for a four-year stint in Dubai, we have lived in Houston the entire time. I discovered my passion for yoga while teaching in Dubai and later became a vinyasa yoga teacher. When we returned to Houston, I resumed teaching in yoga studios and my interest in healthy lifestyles grew every time I encountered other disciplines like Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer. I love the two completely different components of yoga and Pilates. Yoga is full of big and wide, sometimes crazy movements, while Reformer is contained, precise, small and very core-centered. I was introduced to the world of LES MILLS™ when I started working at VillaSport. I am certified in BODYFLOW™ and BARRE™ and am working on my CXWORX™ certification. Other passions include BootyBarre and the MELT Method®.


I teach very core-centered and love sharing my passion for movement and dance, getting stronger, and moving safely and pain-free, all while having fun.


Which classes do you teach?

Yin Yoga, Mat Pilates, Stretch and Balance (MELT), Barre, BODYFLOW™, Pilates Reformer, BARRE™.


What inspired you to pursue a career in exercise?

I love dancing, moving, working with people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and teaching people how to be pain-free. I started teaching yoga because I couldn’t get on the mat at home. While I am teaching, I am able to get my practice and at the studio, it’s easy to add a class here and there to complete my workout.


Do you have any home exercise tips?

Keep moving! Walk up the stairs an extra time every day, walk the dog a little farther, go for a bike ride, use your muscles instead of hanging in your body, and be aware! Also, keep challenging yourself, try new things, and make sure you get plenty of rest to recover.


When you aren’t working, what do you do?

I’m most likely at home taking care of kids, hubby, and cats. I am also likely to be reading a book, enjoying my garden, or talking to clients at the studio/club.


If you are interested in taking a class with Ynske, please leave your contact information at the Fitness Advice Center and she will contact you or check the schedule online to see when she is teaching.

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