Intimidating Gym Equipment and How To Use It

Intimidating Gym Equipment and How To Use It

Men using CrossCore at VillaSport

Intimidating Gym Equipment and How To Use It

Apr 04, 2019
Topic: Fitness

Have you ever walked into VillaSport, looked at the fitness equipment and thought, “that’s a no for me?” Jacobs Ladder (who is Jacob anyway and why is there a ladder named after him?), CrossCore®, plyo boxes, battle ropes, Queenax, HOIST® MotionCage…it can be a bit overwhelming.

We’ve all been there and completely understand how you feel. That’s why we want to help and prove there is nothing to be scared of. Our San Jose fitness staff of personal trainers have put together these helpful videos to show you everything you need to know about these machines so you can conquer them and elevate your workouts!

Jacobs Ladder is an innovative cardio machine that offers a superior cardio and upper/lower-body workout. It’s a low-impact machine that utilizes a high range of motion exercises.
Some people are intimidated by the steps it takes to get started. Kimi Hori, Group Exercise Director, is here with a demonstration on how to use Jacobs Ladder.


When you see CrossCore® extension trainers advertised on TV, you often see people doing the most advanced exercises. In reality, you can do both regressed and progressed versions depending on your comfort level and the angle of the exercise. Our personal trainers, Anthony and Mylon are here to show you two different skill-based exercises.


There’s often a misconception that Plyo Boxes are only used by athletes, but in reality, they can provide an explosive lower-body workout for anyone. We offer multiple sizes based on skill and comfort levels. You may want to start with a smaller size and add gradually height as you progress.


Have you ever seen ropes lying around on the floor and wondered what they are for? Battle Ropes are great for cardio, especially for people who don’t like running but want to burn a significant number of calories. Different motions work different muscles and skills so be sure to switch it up from time to time. Our first exercise is more cardio-focused, while the second is more for core strengthening.


Queenax, with a multitude of stations, looks like an absolute beast to learn and makes you wonder where to even start. Some of our favorite stations are the punching bag demonstrated by Justin, medicine ball toss, pull-up, and landmine. We also have the CrossCore® extension trainers referenced earlier.


Last, but certainly not least, is the HOIST® MotionCage. Similar to Queenax, this machine offers a plethora of stations for group workouts. Try some assisted pull-ups with the band, tricep dips, medicine ball tosses from different angles, more upper-body cardio with the ropes, or even rock climbing to improve upper-body strength.

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed by all this new information, it’s okay. Add to your routine little by little and take it one step at a time. If you ever have questions or need a demonstration, visit our Fitness Advice Center. Our trainers are always more than happy to help!


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