Member Success Spotlight: The Johnson Family

Member Success Spotlight: The Johnson Family

VillaSport Member Success Spotlight Cover

Member Success Spotlight: The Johnson Family

Feb 12, 2019

Exercise can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. VillaSport Cypress member Tracy Johnson found a way to overcome the intimidation and anxiety, while inspiring her family along the way.

Tracy, wife, mother and career woman, recognized that she needed to do something different to improve her health. She started by enrolling in the spring 2017 LOSE TO WIN program. While husband Jeff and daughter Anayah were supportive of her decision, they had zero interest in exercise or changing their habits.

New to exercise and healthy choices, Tracy was hesitant, anxious, and had a lot of questions. She persevered and committed to the program, attending boot camps and seminars, and completing all challenges, including the Empire State Building Climb, where we first met Jeff as he cheered her on. Tracy’s perseverance paid off and she ended up the top female winner of the LOSE TO WIN competition, earning the $1,000 prize!

Fast forward to the fall 2017 LOSE TO WIN program. Having witnessed his wife's commitment, success, and continued dedication to a healthy lifestyle, Jeff realized it was his turn, so he enrolled on the last possible day. While Tracy was crazy busy at work and already committed to her new habits and maintenance, she and Anayah also enrolled to show their support. As a family, they attended boot camps and seminars, and Jeff completed all challenges. Jeff and Anayah were often seen spending late nights in the gym to “get it done.”

Jeff was the top male winner in our 2nd season and took home the $1,000 prize! Tracy could not make it to the celebration, so she attended via FaceTime. The LOSE TO WIN experience changed the whole family’s lifestyle to a much happier and healthier one.



Jeff’s Testimonial

"My wife and I joined VillaSport about a year ago. We would work out from time to time to stay active, but did not really accomplish much. My wife participated in the LOSE TO WIN competition and created a consistent workout routine for herself. She lost a lot of weight and felt really good about her improved strength and fitness. I was proud of her.

My wife’s weight-loss success motivated me to take part in the next LOSE TO WIN challenge. I participated in sports growing up, so I was no stranger to working out and being fit. However, as I became older, I lost the drive to work out and stay fit. My weight was about 216 pounds and I felt lethargic all the time, with limited flexibility in my knees.

After creating a workout and diet plan with a VillaSport trainer and going to boot camps, I lost about 20 pounds and 8.3% body fat. I increased the flexibility in my knees, along with overall body flexibility and strength. The information I received from VillaSport staff on proper nutrition was very helpful as well. The VillaSport trainers were very encouraging as they acknowledged my workout efforts. Their acknowledgement motivated me to continue to work hard towards achieving my fitness goals. I am totally happy with the decision I made to participate in the challenge because I feel I am back on track to living a healthy, fit life."



Johnson Family working out in VillaSport LOSE TO WIN Program

Tracy’s Testimonial

"I began LOSE TO WIN at VillaSport almost a year ago, and I’m now in better shape and feel much healthier. At age 50+, my endurance level is high; I can walk or jog an hour without heavy breathing, and I can beat my teenage daughter in a 100-yard dash and outdoor bicycle race. This was not the case before LOSE TO WIN. My body felt like I was 60+ and I felt tired all day, every day. By the time I got off work, I was too exhausted to do anything except vegetate in front of the TV. Worst of all, knee pain and panting had become a part of my daily life. Then, after a heart scare, my physician told me I needed to lose weight. Before I became a member of VillaSport, I paid for a weight-loss program, but I did not learn how to incorporate fitness and nutrition into my life. Not surprisingly, I quickly regained the weight, which made me skeptical about trying another program. I was also hesitant to join LOSE TO WIN because I felt self-conscious about exercising in public. Even more, because of my age, I certainly did not think I had even a remote chance at winning LOSE TO WIN.

In the end, I’m glad I made the decision to join VillaSport, and I feel especially blessed to have participated in LOSE TO WIN. The boot camps were challenging, yet fun. I learned about strength training and how to exercise in my fat-burning zone. I also learned more about nutrition, plus how much I could eat to maintain my weight loss. Most of all, the trainers were upbeat and motivating. Their encouragement made a huge difference in my life. As everyone knows, losing weight is difficult, and a few weeks after starting LOSE TO WIN, I wanted to give up; but the trainers gave me tips and motivated me to follow through.

As a result of my hard work and the trainers’ guidance, I won first place for women. In addition to losing weight, I built muscle, lost body fat (including the flab around my stomach), and dropped from 16 to 8 in clothes size. Unlike the previous weight-loss program, this time I have maintained my weight loss. And the best part is that this time, I was actually paid to lose weight!"


Inspired by the Johnson Family? Ready to dive into LOSE TO WIN or start your own session of Personal Training? Choose your home club below and we'll help you on the path to wellness. If you or someone you know has a success story, we’d love to hear from you! 

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