Dryland Swimming Exercises

Dryland Swimming Exercises

Girl In Home Doing Plank Exercise

Dryland Swimming Exercises

Mar 31, 2020
Topic: Aquatics

Miss the pool? We know the feeling! While you might have limited access to aquatics facilities, you can still work on your swimming abilities with dryland training. Dryland training focuses on core muscles, flexibility, and explosiveness to strengthen your swimming ability. Keeping a regular exercise routine helps the body be ready to resume and exceed expectations. Take a look below for ideas on at home dryland routines and how they can help keep you swim ready.


Dryland training is a great alternative or addition to your normal swim routine. If you are a visual learner and need a starting point for dryland routines check out SwimPro’s video below.

 We hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during the current times. Be on the lookout for additional workouts and ideas to keep your mind and body at peak performance.


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