Employee Spotlight: Felicia Thomas

Employee Spotlight: Felicia Thomas

employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Felicia Thomas

Mar 18, 2020

For Felicia Thomas at VillaSport The Woodlands, a switch to a healthier lifestyle ignited in her a passion for fitness and bodybuilding. Fresh off a first-place finish at the WNBF Pro World Championships in NYC, we sat down with Felicia to learn more about her journey. Here’s what she had to say:

I was born and raised in Longview, Texas. Fitness came later in life for me (mid-20s). After having my daughter in 2006, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. I spent a couple of years on different medications with no positive results. Frustrated, defeated, and determined to find a solution, I joined a gym and began a healthier, cleaner eating regimen that yielded amazing results! I was able to get off of prescribed medications and felt much better physically and mentally.

In 2012, my family relocated to Louisiana, where my love of fitness, personal training and bodybuilding sparked. I took a job at a local gym and began teaching group fitness classes. People began reaching out to me for individual training, which led me to take the classes, exam, and practical to get my PT certification. My mission was, and still is, helping people realize their fitness goals and ultimately helping them make life changes and not just gain short-term results.

While helping others, I also found myself reaching for my own fitness goals and have completed seven women’s figure competitions, including the Louisiana State Figure Competition – Novice Division in 2016. I also took 1st place at the WNBF World Championships in 2018, where I received my Pro Card, and managed to squeeze in and complete IRONMAN Texas in April 2019. Most recently, I won 1st place in my division at the WNBF Pro World Championships in NYC.

Prior to training for fitness competitions, I trained and competed in various half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, and triathlons. I used many of the events to motivate clients to their next level of fitness while achieving goals they once thought impossible. I love to share my passion for fitness, nutrition, and life with anyone who wants to make a change in their life, and training others has ultimately changed mine.

One bit of advice -- if you have a goal, if you are ready to make a lifestyle change, if you are considering competing, running a 5k, whatever it may be, GO FOR IT! Do not limit your challenges, rather challenge your limits. You are capable, you CAN do it.

I have worked at VillaSport TW for a little over two years now as a personal trainer/group fitness instructor and work with some of the best fitness professionals in the business. We make a great team, as each of us brings a little something extra to the fitness industry. We learn together, train together, support one another, motivate each other, and have grown to be a tight-knit fit-fam.

Outside of fitness, I spend most of my time with my husband and daughter, golfing, hiking (most recently, Mount Bierstadt), traveling, and eating sushi!

I will leave you with two questions to ponder: Are you living your best life? Are you in pursuit of your best self?

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