Mess Free Painting

Mess Free Painting

Mess Free Painting | VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa

Mess Free Painting

May 05, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

Mess free painting activities with your baby or toddler is the perfect idea to make a gift for a family member for any holiday. Being a parent requires constant attention and creative concepts for their little ones to stay occupied. Not only is this an easy and mess free activity, but the results will look fantastic!

Of course, we all know that babies have not fully developed their fine motor skills to hold a paintbrush quite yet. That should not not keep them from creating their masterpiece to give to their mom, dad, or loved ones!

Materials needed:

  • Large Ziplock Bag
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Paint
  • Tape or glue

Step 1: 
Prepare your piece of paper to your liking. I cut out a heart shape and wrote Happy Mother’s Day for my son to give to his mother.

Step 2: 
Place the paper in the ziplock bag and put a few drops of paint on top of the paper. It should be a decent amount of paint, enough to fully coat the paper. 

Step 3: 
Completely zip the bag and ensure there are no openings or large air bubbles. I used masking tape as an extra reinforcement. 

Step 4: 
Let the masterpiece begin and watch your child enjoy every moment!

Step 5:
Carefully remove paper and allow for drying time.

Step 6:
After it is completely dry, it is ready to give to your loved ones! Enjoy!

Mess Free Painting | VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa
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