Included in your child's membership.

While you work out or unwind at VillaSport, you can be confident that your child is having a great time in VillaKids.  We provide daily rotations of theme-based activities where your child is always occupied and engaged.  We have something fun for everyone of every age on every visit.

Children rotate every 30 minutes from one activity to the next. The monthly theme-based curriculum is tailored to each age group and is designed to promote social interaction, cooperative play, skill development and learning. Whether your child is just beginning to walk or talk or has developed into a fine young person, our theme-based rotation program incorporates fun and learning.

VillaKids is every bit as athletic as the rest of our club; we just packed it full of the fun, healthy and educational things kids love to do.

December - Winter Wonderland
While the animals hibernate, we will learn about snow and create our own snowflakes. Warm up in challenging sit-up and push-up competitions, and obstacle course races.

January - Reach for the Stars
What do you want to be when you grow up? Get answers as we mix dreams and wishes in our crafts, imaginative play, and active play on the court!

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