The Woodlands Member Success Story: The Robinson Family

The Woodlands Member Success Story: The Robinson Family

January Member Success Story

The Woodlands Member Success Story: The Robinson Family

Jan 15, 2017

Introducing the Robinson Family
The Woodlands, TX

Jesse, Tracey, Emily, Kaylee, Presley, Jude & Timothy

Jesse has been a longtime member of the triathlon and Masters swimming community in The Woodlands. His wife, Tracey, owns two local businesses in the community - SpryArt Photography & Camp Pixel. 4 out of their 5 children are members of the VillaSport Swim Team. We are spotlighting this awesome VillaSport family because they have spearheaded a great local campaign for the giving season. In Tracey’s words: 

My family has recently started volunteering with an organization called Direct Hope, which helps Houston's homeless by providing hot, healthy meals every single week on Sundays (rain or shine), nonperishable snacks, drinks, canned goods, clothing and support and encouragement. We feed everyone who shows up, no questions asked. The Sunday brunches are served at tables set up under an overpass near Minute Maid Park. The weekly Sunday brunches feed between 200-300 people a week.

Socks and shoes are some of the most needed but least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters. Many homeless people do not have shoes and if they are fortunate enough to have socks to walk in throughout the city, the cement tears holes in their socks and their feet never stay dry. In cold & wet temperatures (like we have had for the last three days!), this is a recipe for severe illness and many of the homeless are not able to access routine healthcare providers, and ultimately find themselves in the ER. Owning several pairs of socks and a good pair of shoes is a luxury to the homeless and reduces illness among the community.

From just a couple of Facebook posts, we have been able to collect 100 pairs of shoes so far, with more coming. Our family did the first drop last Sunday and the recipients were so very grateful. There was a woman who had only a pair of wet socks and flip flops. She was a size 8, and even though we didn't have her size, we were able to find her a size 9.5, which was far better than the flip flops she had. There was another man who usually camped out in Katy and who rides his bike 26 miles each way to get dialysis at Ben Taub. His shoes were full of holes. There was a woman with a toddler. We were able to provide her with shoes, but had none that would fit her toddler. Even though we had a lot of shoes to give, we had to tell many people that we were out. The biggest need is men's shoes (especially the larger sizes- 13/14/15).

This time of year, blankets and coats are also needed and appreciated! Our family is volunteering again on 12/18, which will be the next drop. We do plan on going out there at least once per month, so this will be an ongoing thing!

To help out, the VillaSport Swim Team will be hosting a Shoe & Sock drive along with their annual Holiday Cookie Exchange. If you wish to give, there will be a box at the front desk to drop off donations.



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