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Start Your New Year's Resolution Today!

Sep 24, 2020
Topic: Fitness

If you are like most, you want to move past 2020 as soon as possible. Here is a suggestion to help you move in this direction today: Instead of waiting for January to begin your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get in shape, why not start now? 2020 has truly been a year like no other; what be ...

Work Out Your Worry: Exercises You Can Do to Combat Anxiety Right Now

Aug 21, 2020
Topic: Fitness

Anxiety can be hard to fight even in the best of times. But as the world continues to change, and it seems like new problems arise every day, finding moments of tranquility is even harder. This is true for folks who have diagnosed clinical anxiety — about 20 percent of Americans — but feelings of a ...

Cleanest Club in the World

Jun 05, 2020

Our aspirational mantra is more important today than ever, and we are now even more committed to the health and safety of our members. We are working tirelessly every day to ensure your safety, and the safety of our employees and the VillaSport community.  Continually cleaning and disinfecting our f ...

Summer Sippin Father's Day Kentucky Mule

Jun 05, 2020
Topic: Recipes

Celebrate Father’s Day with this twist on the classic Moscow Mule. Adding your dad’s favorite Kentucky bourbon in place of the traditional vodka makes a refreshing and flavorful cocktail to enjoy in the summer heat. Try this easy and amazing recipe, sure to make Father’s Day a hit! Kentucky Mule In ...

Summer Treat Recipe - Oreo Milkshake

Jun 04, 2020
Topic: Recipes

Milkshakes are the perfect treat on a hot summer day! Your kids will love this sweet recipe not only because it tastes good, but it will cool them off when they need it most. The best part is you only need 3 ingredients and a blender! Feel free to substitute other candies or cookies for the Oreos, o ...

Banana Pops

May 22, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

Nothing says summer like a cool, light snack on a stick when it’s hot outside! This recipe is not only quick when the kids want a sweet treat but also refreshing for you. The best part is they may think it’s ice cream, but it’s actually a super healthy and nutritious snack. Enjoy one of our favorite ...

Summer Sippin Cocktail Recipe - Memorial Day Mojito

May 22, 2020
Topic: Recipes

Celebrate Memorial Day with a festive, colorful, and delicious cocktail! Our red, white and blue mojitos are the perfect way to raise your glass in honor of our fallen soldiers. This symbolic start to summer is also a great time for cookouts, picnics, and barbecues with friends and family. This year ...

Salt Dough

May 20, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

Making salt dough at home is a fun, easy, and kid-friendly activity. It requires minimal ingredients, is very versatile, and can be a great activity for your home classroom! Your kids are sure to love making it with you and watching their craft come to life. In just 1 - 2 days, the dough dries into ...

Forget Homeschooling - Teach Life Lessons Instead

May 14, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

In our current crisis, parents have not only been tasked with parenting but also educating their kids due to school closures. Teaching kids can be an incredibly daunting task for a parent, let alone a teacher, especially when it is not their expertise. Teachers spend their work days creating lesson ...

Summer Sippin Cocktail Recipe - Apple Mule

May 14, 2020
Topic: Recipes

If you love a good Moscow Mule as much as we do but want to spice it up a little, try our favorite apple mule! With so many great variations out there, our recipe will make this classic cocktail seem brand new. Any addition to vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice is sure to bring some fun on a hot sum ...

Mother's Day Cookie Recipe

May 06, 2020
Topic: Recipes

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and baking cookies has been my favorite activity recently. Not only has it been a welcome distraction during our current stay-at home orders, but it has been a delicious treat for my family to enjoy. This cookie recipe is my mom’s all-time favorite! Celebrate ...

Mother's Day Cards Using your Hands

May 06, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor the people in our lives who teach us, guide us, and influence us. It is a good opportunity to celebrate not only the women who gave birth to us but also the amazing role models who have enriched our lives.  In this unusual year, Mother’s Day cards make the ...

Mess Free Painting

May 05, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

Mess free painting activities with your baby or toddler is the perfect idea to make a gift for a family member for any holiday. Being a parent requires constant attention and creative concepts for their little ones to stay occupied. Not only is this an easy and mess free activity, but the results wi ...

Summer Sippin Cocktail Recipe

May 04, 2020
Topic: Recipes

The weather is starting to heat up as we head into Summer and I know, I am always looking for a cocktail to help me  cool off. For the start of Summer this year, we wanted to share with you the drink to make at home to celebrate. This light and refreshing Patio Cooler, is not only a great thirst que ...

Nails at Home

May 01, 2020
Topic: Wellness

Believe it or not, taking care of our nails is important when it comes to our health. As we constantly wash our hands, we are putting our nails at risk for possible infections from chemicals, as well as nail separation. We usually only pay attention to them when they need to be trimmed or polished. ...

Waxing at Home

Apr 30, 2020
Topic: Wellness

Given that the option to “pop” into VillaSport is sadly not possible right now, we have been noticing some things that we have taken for granted in the past. A visit with our favorite esthetician, being one of them, has put our patience to the ultimate test. The necessary measures we have had to tak ...

Benefits of Yoga Week 3

Apr 24, 2020
Topic: Fitness

Welcome to Week 3, bringing you 14 more reasons from Yoga Journal why yoga can be beneficial. If we haven’t convinced you to get back into your yoga routine, or try it for the first time, these next reasons are sure to encourage you. Did you know that yoga can actually help control allergies and kee ...

Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

Apr 23, 2020
Topic: Recipes

For this week's Foodie Friday, we want to share with you one of our favorite post-workout smoothie recipes, so you can continue to crush all your fitness goals while working out at home! What you eat and drink post-workout is important and can make a huge difference in your overall lifestyle. By sup ...

No Pool? No Problem!

Apr 23, 2020
Topic: Aquatics

Miss your water workouts but no access to a pool? Don’t despair! There are many land exercises that can actually help increase repetition and improve your swimming abilities. Get creative at home with these tips from USA Today, try them at home, and come back to the VillaSport pools stronger than ev ...

Benefits of Yoga Week 2

Apr 17, 2020
Topic: Fitness

As we dive into week two of learning about the amazing health benefits of yoga, there remains a lot of uncertainty in our world. Now more than ever, it is important to connect on a deeper level, focusing on our health and well-being. Bringing yoga back into my life has truly encouraged positive thou ...

Benefits of Yoga Week 1

Apr 10, 2020
Topic: Fitness

If yoga is currently in your daily routine, then you know how beneficial it can be to your overall health, physically and mentally. Yoga is known to reduce illness, release tension, and even help you sleep better. There is nothing like the rejuvenating experience of yoga to improve your immune syste ...

Fruit Tower and Snack

Apr 09, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is a curriculum based on the idea of teaching all four lessons in one. Engaging in STEM activities at an early age encourages positive development for your child. This fruit tower project helps develop fine motor skills, cognitiv ...

30-Day Healthy at Home Challenge

Apr 08, 2020
Topic: Fitness

Hello, VillaSport family! We miss you and hope you are staying healthy and safe during these extraordinary times. As the premier destination where family, fitness, and community all come together, we’ve been finding ways to stay connected, which is why we’d like to introduce our 30-Day Healthy-at-Ho ...

Dryland Swimming Exercises

Mar 31, 2020
Topic: Aquatics

Miss the pool? We know the feeling! While you might have limited access to aquatics facilities, you can still work on your swimming abilities with dryland training. Dryland training focuses on core muscles, flexibility, and explosiveness to strengthen your swimming ability. Keeping a regular exercis ...

Spinach Rice Recipe

Mar 31, 2020
Topic: Recipes

It has been said that muscle definition is achieved in the kitchen, not in the gym. Variety in your diet and including different food groups will keep your taste buds happy and can help you stay on track to achieve your goals. Here is a delicious and simple Spinach Rice recipe to help you get there: ...

Stretches For Positive Aging

Mar 30, 2020

Do you know that one of the most effective, inexpensive and pain-free ways to look and feel younger is to exercise and perform daily stretches? To help stay mobile as we age, it’s important to focus on staying limber so we can continue to enjoy activities without pain or discomfort. Try these stretc ...

How to Play The Game of Fishbowl

Mar 20, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

  Fishbowl is a fun team game that you can play with your family at home. It is a great way to stay connected to your loved ones and enjoy laughter together while you are all stuck inside. Enjoy!    The object of the game is for team members to guess a word from a teammate’s description, acting out ...

9 Body Weight Exercises To Keep You Active At Home

Mar 20, 2020
Topic: VillaKids | Wellness

Looking for a body-weight workout that incorporates core, balance, and resistance-training elements? Check out this routine from Crystal Reeves, National Academy of Sports Medicine Master Trainer, a weight management specialist.   THE WARM-UP Start with a few minutes of light calisthenics, such as ...

Employee Spotlight: Felicia Thomas

Mar 18, 2020

For Felicia Thomas at VillaSport The Woodlands, a switch to a healthier lifestyle ignited in her a passion for fitness and bodybuilding. Fresh off a first-place finish at the WNBF Pro World Championships in NYC, we sat down with Felicia to learn more about her journey. Here’s what she had to say: I ...

Unique Experiences Coming to VillaSport Cypress

Jan 31, 2020
Topic: Fitness

A new year means it’s time for a fresh start, which is why we are pleased to announce some very exciting new experiences coming to Cypress soon! Renovation of the cycle studio will begin early February and all other fitness studios will be renamed to better identify the character and use of each: EN ...

The Woodlands Accepts "The Military Challenge"

Jan 29, 2020
Topic: Fitness

The Woodlands is proud to have accepted the "Concept2 Military Challenge". Open to all able-bodied and adaptive athletes who are or have been in the military, the Military Challenge invites you to row and/or ski as many meters as you can from February 1 to 29. Our own Joel Anderson will be competin ...

2020 Summer Quest Camp

Jan 23, 2020
Topic: VillaKids

Know you're going to have a bored kiddo  hanging about the house this summer? Join us on our quest for adventure! The journey will include field trips, exciting crafts, sports, cooking, engineering, games, and splashing away in VillaSport’s amazing pools. They’ll reconnect with old pals and make new ...


Nov 18, 2019
Topic: Fitness

If you haven’t already heard the amazing news, LES MILLS THE TRIP is coming! This high-energy, fully immersive, multi-peak cycling journey through digitally-created worlds is coming to all Houston area locations soon. To get a feel for what your Group Exercise team have been training for, we capture ...

Small Group Nutrition Boot Camp

Sep 30, 2019
Topic: Nutrition

If you want to learn how to eat in a way that helps you reach your ideal weight and maintain it for life, try our NEW Small-Group Nutrition Boot Camp. In just eight sessions, you will master our nutrition principles and achieve optimal health, weight loss and lifelong eating habits. Each session is ...

LES MILLS THE TRIP™ - Now In Roseville

Aug 15, 2019
Topic: Fitness

We have been open for a few weeks now in Roseville and love being part of such a wonderful community. One class we are extremely excited for you to try is LES MILLS THE TRIP, a high-energy, fully immersive, multi-peak cycling journey through digitally-created worlds. Adrian Heffernan, LES MILLS™ Cus ...

Healthy Food On The Go

Aug 06, 2019
Topic: Nutrition

Fast. Easy. Delicious. Available Now!   "Food can and should taste amazing while still keeping us healthy. Food should feel good. We believe that food isn't the enemy. Food is what fuels us. Food is part of what makes us who we are." - Fit Eat Go You want tasty, nutritious and fresh meals for y ...

LES MILLS THE TRIP™ - More Gain. Less Strain.

Jul 18, 2019
Topic: Fitness

We’ve all heard the phrase “no pain, no gain,” but what if there was an intense, fun and immersive experience that made you forget that you are working out? The LES MILLS™ team, known for their creative and exciting group exercises classes, have created THE TRIP™. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a ...

How to Train Hard and Stay Injury-Free

Jul 01, 2019
Topic: Fitness

If you want to take your fitness to the next level without injury, these tips from Emma Hogan of LES MILLS™ Fit Planet may interest you. If you want to put them to the test, try a LES MILLS™ class at VillaSport. We offer several types, including CXWORX™ mentioned below. HOW TO TRAIN HARD AND STAY IN ...

Bringing Families Together - A note from the Lyons-MacKenzie Family

Jun 26, 2019

Seventeen and fourteen, those are the ages of my children. The teens, who live in their rooms, are addicted to social media, YouTube and all things game-related. Many parents can relate that it’s hard to plan fun family things at these ages that everyone will enjoy. That is until they find VillaSpor ...

Employee Spotlight: Ynske Joppe

Jun 04, 2019

The next employee in our spotlight series is a Pilates and yoga instructor in Cypress. If you have any interest in mind and body classes, you want to meet Ynske Joppe. We recently had the chance to talk with her about her career and learn more about her.   A little bit about you I grew up in the Net ...

Fit.Together: Maria Villanueva

May 28, 2019

FIT.TOGETHER Getting to know your VillaSport community one member at a time. At VillaSport, we believe in building community, and the first step is putting yourself out there to be recognized! Share your experiences and wisdom. Make us laugh, think or feel. You have a story to share and we want to ...

Nutrition Supplements and Protein Powders Now In All Clubs

Apr 12, 2019
Topic: Nutrition

"Nutrition with nothing to hide”; that’s Naked Nutrition in a few words. They strive to help you meet your nutrition and fitness goals by being transparent about their ingredients; that way you know exactly what's going into your body. It was Naked’s unwavering commitment to their customers that gra ...

Intimidating Gym Equipment and How To Use It

Apr 04, 2019
Topic: Fitness

Have you ever walked into VillaSport, looked at the fitness equipment and thought, “that’s a no for me?” Jacobs Ladder (who is Jacob anyway and why is there a ladder named after him?), CrossCore®, plyo boxes, battle ropes, Queenax, HOIST® MotionCage…it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve all been ther ...

Employee Spotlight: Jen Smart

Mar 13, 2019

Happy March! It’s time for another employee spotlight; this time from Aquatics. We take pride in offering extensive indoor and outdoor pool facilities at each of our locations and a variety of options for swimmers of all skill levels. Whether you are looking for youth or adult swimming programs or g ...

Employee Spotlight: Tracy Wriggle

Mar 03, 2019

Welcome back to our new Employee Spotlight series, designed to acquaint you with the faces of VillaSport. This week, meet Tracy Wriggle, Senior Esthetician in Beaverton. Tracy has been a licensed esthetician for 5 years and part of the VillaSport family for more than 4 years. She is passionate about ...

Be Smart. Eat Smart.

Feb 15, 2019
Topic: Nutrition

It’s Fresh. It’s Fit. It’s Easy. It’s Coming To Beaverton! After a stellar reception from our members in San Jose, we're thrilled to announce FITeats organic, portion controlled and wholesome meals will also be available in Beaverton!  You work hard on the fitness floor; reward yourself with delicio ...

Exercising Together

Feb 14, 2019
Topic: Fitness

Valentine’s Day is finally here and it’s time for chocolates, champagne, a romantic dinner, and exercise. Wait, did you say exercise? Yes, you heard that correctly. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to start exercising with your significant other.  Not only does it improv ...

Member Success Spotlight: The Johnson Family

Feb 12, 2019

Exercise can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. VillaSport Cypress member Tracy Johnson found a way to overcome the intimidation and anxiety, while inspiring her family along the way. Tracy, wife, mother and career woman, recognized that she needed to do something different to improve ...

Relaxation Massage: Does It Really Help?

Jan 18, 2019
Topic: Wellness

You’re starting the New Year off right, with a gym routine that makes you feel energized and ready to tackle the day or one that makes every muscle in your body feel weak and overworked which in turn makes you feel more accomplished than you knew you could be; and that is a major win! But don’t forg ...


Aug 18, 2017