LES MILLS THE TRIP™ - More Gain. Less Strain.

LES MILLS THE TRIP™ - More Gain. Less Strain.

A group of seven people on exercise bikes in front of a screen projecting a rollercoaster

LES MILLS THE TRIP™ - More Gain. Less Strain.

Jul 18, 2019
Topic: Fitness

We’ve all heard the phrase “no pain, no gain,” but what if there was an intense, fun and immersive experience that made you forget that you are working out? The LES MILLS™ team, known for their creative and exciting group exercises classes, have created THE TRIP™. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a difference between this cycle experience and any other class you’ve taken! 

When you step inside the Ride studio, you’ll notice the floor-to-ceiling screen that wraps around you, a cinema-style sound system, and stadium-cycle seating, offering each row a unique and immersive experience. Once THE TRIP™ begins, your cycling class will be transformed as you climb the side of an impossibly steep glacier, chase futuristic riders, sprint across lava flows, ride through a space-age city or dive into an underwater sea of jellyfish. THE TRIP™ creates a visual sense of purpose for your workout; by suspending belief and pushing through incredible virtual tracks, while listening to fun and engaging music, you stop thinking about the workout and naturally push yourself further.

New research from the LES MILLS™ Lab shows the intensity of THE TRIP™ is upped dramatically vs. a traditional cycle class, and participants reported having enjoyed THE TRIP™ more than the control class. More on that in the video below. 

If you’re ready to strap in and experience THE TRIP™, our Roseville location is one of only nine US clubs to have it. Classes are included in your membership and start opening day! Want to see more of THE TRIP™? Check out THE TRIP™ Playlist video collection.

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