Cypress Employee Spotlight: Alex Flynn

Cypress Employee Spotlight: Alex Flynn

Alex Flynn

Cypress Employee Spotlight: Alex Flynn

Aug 16, 2017

Alex Flynn serves at VillaSport Cypress in the Club Care department, so be sure to say hello if you see him around! He was born and raised in the UK and moved to the United States with his family in 2015. In 2008, at the age of 36, Alex was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder targeting the nervous system that mainly affects an individual’s motor skills. Within a year of his diagnosis, Alex began racing with a goal of running and biking ten million meters to raise one million pounds for Parkinson’s research, which is roughly $1,600,000 USD.

Why does he love VillaSport?

In Alex’s own words, the staff at VillaSport has been incredibly welcoming and accepting of him and his Parkinson’s. Everyone has made an effort to get to know him and his story without passing judgment.

What is his favorite TV show?

His middle son has gotten him into Rick and Morty, but as a former lawyer, Alex also loves to watch Suits.

When he isn’t at work or racing for research….

In his free time, Alex likes to race against his rescue dog Harry. He also likes to write; he has been published in several magazines and recently finished writing his first book about his adventures around the globe.

Something surprising about Alex…

As of now, Alex has run the equivalent of 242 full marathons spread out across more than 30 different races. His longest race was 1,457 miles from London to Rome. He reached his goal of ten million meters in 2014 but hasn’t stopped yet! He has currently raised around $600,000 for Parkinson’s research and he hopes to raise $1,000,000 more. He’s also completed the world’s highest bungee jump from a height of 709 feet!


Find out more about Alex and support his cause here!

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