Colorado Springs Employee Spotlight: Elissa Mount

Colorado Springs Employee Spotlight: Elissa Mount

Elissa Mount

Colorado Springs Employee Spotlight: Elissa Mount

Jun 26, 2017

Group Exercise Instructor: Elissa Mount

Elissa earned a psychology degree from UNC Asheville, where she also played volleyball. Her passion for athletics inspired her to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Elissa started teaching classes 18 years ago and later added personal training to her repertoire. At one time, she owned and operated a fitness business geared towards women, leading boot camps and small-group training. Elissa takes every opportunity to live out her passion for fitness and encourage others to treat their bodies as temples.



Group Spin, RPM™, Pilates, BODYSTEP™, Aqua, Athletic Conditioning, BODYPUMP™



We are all created for greatness! Being a fitness instructor gives me the opportunity to encourage and guide you as you grow stronger, surpass barriers, reach goals and connect with others through the joy of exercise. I believe that the perseverance and character you develop in class help mold you and prepare you for life outside of class. Taking good care of yourself will help you achieve success in all facets of your life.


Something Surprising

Elissa was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She once went scuba diving with whale sharks in Okinawa.



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