Beaverton Member Success Story: Susan Harlan

Beaverton Member Success Story: Susan Harlan

February Member Success Story

Beaverton Member Success Story: Susan Harlan

Feb 01, 2017

Introducing Member Susan Harlan
Beaverton, OR

Susan Harlan’s back pain began after many years of working long hours in a glass factory/studio in Scotland. She moved to Oregon and started swimming at VillaSport in the hopes that the pain would dissipate. After an MRI revealed a ruptured disk, Susan was scheduled for surgery. An avid swimmer, she continued to swim right up until that date. After only two weeks post-surgery, Susan’s doctor gave her clearance to start swimming again, which has helped to speed her recovery.

Susan attributes much of her success to Aquatics Director Ryan Berg. Ryan was always attentive to her exercise area and the equipment she needed and had an uncanny knack of understanding what she was going through. His insightful advice and detailed assessments both alleviated her fears before surgery and helped in her healing process afterwards. Susan also thanks Chelsea and other Aquatics staff for their kind support in guiding her through recovery.

Swimming has always been Susan’s favorite sport and VillaSport is her favorite place to swim. She enjoys the sense of community here and appreciates how friendly and helpful everyone is. Susan could not have gotten through this without the support of her VillaSport family.

She is aiming for the Senior Olympics next year -- perhaps in Hawaii?! We look forward to being a part of that journey as well!



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