Beaverton Member Success Story: Marisa Fergusson

Beaverton Member Success Story: Marisa Fergusson

January Member Success Story

Beaverton Member Success Story: Marisa Fergusson

Jan 01, 2017

Introducing Marisa Fergusson
Beaverton, OR

Marisa Fergusson was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in May 2013 at the age of 49. A year of treatments and 35 pounds later, she joined VillaSport to work on having a healthier lifestyle than she had before cancer.

Marisa was more determined than ever to lose the weight she had gained. She started working with Fitness Advisor Joey Dussel, who is helping her make better food choices and set some goals. Marisa appreciates that Joey pushes her to work harder and helps her understand nutrition.

Marisa’s cancer came back but thanks to VillaSport, she was much more healthy and fit, which helped to shorten her recovery time. She even completed her first triathlon in November and has been lifting weights to help achieve her weight-loss goals. So far, she’s lost 52 pounds! Marisa appreciates everyone she has met at VillaSport and loves the LOSE TO WIN program. Her goal is to win the grand prize, but until then she continues to work hard to get participation points so she can reward herself with a spa day.

When Marisa gets frustrated with the scale, she reflects on how far she has come and reminds herself that because she beat cancer, she can do anything!



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