Colorado Springs Member Success Story: Greg Melnick

Colorado Springs Member Success Story: Greg Melnick


Colorado Springs Member Success Story: Greg Melnick

Nov 13, 2017

Greg has been dedicated to fitness with a focus on lifting and light cardio for more than 40 years. During the first 30 years he was able to maintain a healthy body weight of 180 pounds and a 32 inch waist. However, in the last 10 years, Greg saw a slow but steady, decline in his health. 

He noticed his workouts became less intense and short. The interest and passion waned, and he was merely going through the motion, and gained 50 pounds and 8 inches on his waist in the process. Due to the gradual change, he perceived himself as still being healthy. 

One fateful day, he and two friends (about 50 years old and weighing the same) were in front of a group exercise class room getting ready to hop onto the elliptical machines, when Jessica Brink invited them to join her BODYATTACK™ class. Even though they thought they were too macho for such a girly class, Jessica got them in the door! They all realized they were not in shape at all or as Greg would put it, “that was a real wakeup call; I was fat, old and way out of shape.”

Greg checked his pride, and bravely joined the classes he had trouble finishing because he realized he had to get serious about health. Over the next two years, he worked diligently to build up to attending one to two classes a day. He didn’t get on a single cardio machine or pick up a dumbbell. In this time, he has lost 40 pounds and is back down to a 33 inch waist size and most importantly, he feels great! 

Greg says he has never had so much fun exercising and has made dozens of new friends. He looks forward to his classes and now hopes to become a certified instructor in 2018. VillaSport group exercise has truly transformed Greg’s health and perception of exercise. His only regret is not starting sooner!


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