The Woodlands Member Success: Yves and Irina Puisieux

The Woodlands Member Success: Yves and Irina Puisieux

Yves and Irina Puisieux

The Woodlands Member Success: Yves and Irina Puisieux

Aug 07, 2017

Yves and Irina had been members since 2015. They spend a few hours daily in our club to stay active and healthy. Yves started to run with his wife Irina in 2012, he was out of shape and a heavy smoker, and could hardly ran 1 mile.  A year later he started racing 5K, then 10K, then half and full marathons. In 2014 he ran my first 50-miler. “I love running; it is an inherent part of my life. Pure pleasure, total addiction.” Says Yves.  In 2015  Irina convinced him to give a try to triathlon. Although he did not swim nor did he have a bike, he started training. Both Yves and Irina did their first sprint tri in May 2015 and a year later Yves finished his first Ironman TX. Yves and Irina participated in Ironman TX this year too, they are one of the few VillaSport members who were training for Ironman in our club. 

What are your fitness plans after Ironman? 

I am now planning to run the NYC marathon this fall and fundraising for "Team for Kids". It is great to do good while participating in such a wonderful world-class event

What do you love about VillaSport?
This is my training base for swimming, core & strength workouts and running.  I love this place, the staff and now I know a lot of friendly fellow members who share the same passion for running and triathlon.

How VillaSport helped you to achieve your goals in sports and fitness? 
Always here to offer me the best training conditions no matter whether it is too hot or stormy. Also Villa has great massage therapists to help with recovery. It feels like home. 

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