Sleep - It's Time for Rest!

Sleep - It's Time for Rest!

Sleeping Baby

Sleep - It's Time for Rest!

Jun 12, 2017
Topic: Wellness

As the VillaKids Director in Cypress and Mom of two young children, I know that sleep is precious. But sleep is not only important for moms; it’s necessary for children’s brain development! We all know how hard it is to rationalize with a tired child, whether they are 2 years old or 16 years old. I’ve outlined some helpful guidelines and tips to make sure children get enough sleep each night and everyone gets a better night’s rest.  

Sleep Recommendations





12-15 hours per day- including naps


11-14 hours per day- including naps


10-13 hours per day

School age children

9-11 hours per day


8.5-9.5 hours per day


7-9 hours per day

Chart compiled from WebMD and The University of Michigan’s School of Medicine.

Here are some tips for getting better sleep. As always, these are recommendations, but you need to do what works best for your family.

1. Stick to a routine and schedule.


This is especially important when you have young children. The more kids know what to expect, the less they have to worry about, which means you can get down to the business of getting to sleep. This is always a tricky spot for our family, as our nightly schedules vary by day of the week. We try the best we can by sticking to a consistent routine and schedule as often as possible.


2. Make their bedroom a restful place.


The more relaxing and less stimulation there is, the better. We are huge fans of the white noise machines. 

3. Limit screen time.


Turn their screens off an hour before bedtime. That will prepare their brains to rest and establish a calm routine before bedtime.

4.Watch their consumption. 


Watch what they're consuming before bedtime. Try to limit sugar and caffeine, as they can stimulate their brains and make it harder for them to go to sleep.


We all need to make time for sleep. I always ask my kids what five things we need to be healthy: 

    1. Good food

    2. Clean water

    3. Sleep

    4. Exercise

    5. Love

If we can make sleep as much a priority as all of those other things, then we’re setting a good foundation for the rest of our daily lives. 


Here are some great links for helpful hints!


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