You Belong: Your Fit Plan

You Belong: Your Fit Plan

Personal training with Kettlebells

You Belong: Your Fit Plan

Jan 11, 2019
Topic: You Belong

Here at VillaSport there’s a plethora of activities, groups, classes and programs to explore and the options can be a little overwhelming! That’s why we created the You Belong blog series; we’ll help you discover the many  VillaSport membership benefits and give you insider tips to get the most from your membership.

Now that you’ve joined, you may be wondering “How do I go about getting myself fit, strong, lean  and (insert your adjective here)?”  - With a complimentary Your Fit Plan of course! 

Your Fit Plan - What the heck is that?

Your complimentary 60-minute session with one of our certified Personal Trainers includes:

  • Program Design Questionnaire and Goal Setting Worksheet - Help us understand your goals, motivation and measures of success, so we can build the best possible workout plan tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Movement and Mobility Screen - This allows us to get familiar with how you move, including identifying areas of muscle tightness or unexpected weakness, and provides a snapshot of your overall posture and coordination. 
  • Program Design Flow Review - You’ve done the work joining and completing the assessments;now comes the fun part - reviewing your personalized workout plan.
  • Introductory Workout - Work through your personalized plan with one of our trainers, and get tips on proper form, machines to use, workout motivation, and more. Your Fit Plan session will conclude with recommendations for continued success. 


Already know what you’re doing on the fitness floor? Or maybe you’re just not ready to commit to a 60-minute Your Fit Plan session with a trainer? We’ve got a complimentary 30-minute progress check waiting for you to make sure you are achieving the goals you have in mind. 

Ready to schedule Your Fit Plan? Meet our team of Personal Trainers, view availability and schedule using your My VillaSport account by clicking on your home club below! 



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