Whether you're looking to practice your layups, play a pickup game of volleyball or try pickleball, our court provides a place to exercise while having fun. Our adult and youth programs offer the opportunity to develop your skills. Put those skills to the test against other teams by signing up for one of our leagues. The variety of adult and youth programs include recreational tournaments, leagues, scheduled drop-in play, open-court time, indoor triathlons, clinics, and camps.

Our basketball/volleyball court features the same surface used in NBA regulation play. Constructed of northern hard maple, the floor allows our members to experience the same court enjoyed by many NBA teams, including the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers.

Before stepping onto the court, consider reading our Athletes' Code of Conduct, which serves to inform athletes, coaches and parents about our expectations, guidelines, rules and regulations.





From personal training to summer camps, VillaSport hosts a variety of events and classes year round. Find the programs that work best for your family and schedules.