Ready to register for swim lessons but not sure which class is right for your child? Let us assess your child’s level before you choose a class.

We offer complimentary 15-minute swim assessments the last Thursday and Sunday of each month, 5:00pm - 6:00pm (excluding holidays). Check-in at the Aquatics Help Desk.

Sea Animal Levels

White Turtle

For the child who is afraid of water, cannot swim, or will not get his⁄her face wet.
Focus: Trust and Submersion
Safety Skill: Always ask for permission before getting in the water.
Water Skill: Submerge while relaxed with assistance for 5 seconds.

Red Frog

For the child who enjoys water, gets his/her face wet, jumps in but can swim only with support.
Focus: Body Position and Air Recovery
Safety Skill: Put on a life jacket, float on back and kick 20 feet.
Water Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover for air, roll and lay on back (kicking and finning) for 5 seconds in both swimwear and regular clothes.

Yellow Otter

For the child who is not afraid, can float, jump in and return to surface.
Focus: Forward Movement and Direction Change
Safety Skill: Reach and throw (DON’T GO) and know how to call 911.
Water Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover, move forward 10 feet, change direction and return to wall in both swimwear and regular clothes.

Blue Dolphin

For the child who can swim 10 feet while taking an occasional breath.
Focus: Body Rotation
Safety Skill: Tread water for 15 seconds.
Water Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover to side glide position and kick 10 feet.

Green Shark

For the child who can tread water for 15 seconds and swim freestyle for 10 feet.
Focus: Integrated Movement
Safety Skill: Survival float and tread water for 30 seconds.
Water Skill: Start in side glide, swim freestyle 30 feet with 1-2-3 breathe pattern.