You’ve already made a commitment to fitness by joining VillaSport. Now jump-start a plan tailored to your goals, interests and lifestyle with the help of our fitness team. Choose to feel great by getting started today!

As part of your VillaSport membership, you are entitled to one complimentary 60-minute planning session with a certified Personal Trainer. To learn more, visit our Your Fit Plan blog.

You may request your appointment online below, in person at the Fitness Advice Center, or by calling 281-296-3650.

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To kick-start your journey to better health and vitality, schedule your FREE Your Fit Plan session (a $150 value). Your hour with a Personal Trainer includes fitness evaluation, goal setting, forward plan of action, and tailored 20- to 30-minute workout. You will leave this valuable session with confidence that you are moving in the right direction to meet your goals.